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Wellness and More

Lifestyle and Retiree Benefits

{Provide More Benefits,
Reap More Savings}

WageWorks Additional Benefits

Provide even more ways to help your employees live happier and healthier ever after, and save money and reduce risk for your company.

WageWorks Fitness Reimbursement Solution

WageWorks Fitness Reimbursement Solution

Healthy Lifestyles and Lower Healthcare Costs


With the WageWorks Fitness Reimbursement Solution, employers can demonstrate concern for employee well-being and support for a healthy lifestyle by offsetting the costs of gym membership fees and fitness equipment and activities.

This solution may increase employee morale and satisfaction, helps reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism, and adds value to your benefits portfolio.

Designed to reduce administrative burden, WageWorks manages and maintains the entire reimbursement program - from implementation and claims processing to reporting. This solution provides maximum program design flexibility; 24/7 administrative control through a single, powerful Website; and claims adjudication by expertly-trained representatives. The solution is underwritten by an advanced Consumer-Directed Benefits technology platform and outstanding WageWorks customer and client service.


WageWorks Fitness Reimbursement Solution: The WageWorks Advantage

 Robust Websites for Employers and Employees

  • Employers get a secure, multi-program, online portal for program administration, reporting (including the number of claims processed for the program period), and reconciliation
  • Employees get a customized, employer-branded portal that educates them on program designs, links to custom claim forms that contain program guidelines, and provides claims status updates and custom messages

Configurable Fitness Reimbursement

  • Customize your own program design with control over reimbursement amounts, eligible expenses (gym membership fees and fitness equipment and activities), and documentation requirements for eligible expenses


  • Provide clear and concise communication materials and essential program sponsor resources
  • Align easily with any communication strategy
  • Deliver in-program communications via claims and event-driven email notifications/alerts

Claims Processing

  • Make periodic files available for processing into employer payroll with all amounts that have been approved for reimbursement
  • Define specific documentation requirements for eligible expenses
  • Maintain control over file timing

Dedicated, Responsive Customer and Client Service

  • Enjoy the highest levels of customer and client service by designated client service teams who perform periodic reviews and client satisfaction surveys, deliver timely employer communications, and provide quantitative and qualitative insight into program performance

WageWorks Retiree Services

WageWorks Retiree Services

Savings for Companies, Security for Employees


At the heart of WageWorks Retiree services is our innovative, industry-leading Consumer-Directed Benefits Platform.

Perhaps you’re transitioning from a traditional retiree healthcare arrangement and need an integrated Medicare Coordination and HRA capability. Or maybe you’re moving from a defined benefit to defined contribution strategy. WageWorks Retiree Services can help you customize a retiree program that is right for you and provides a sense of security for your employees. At the heart of WageWorks Retiree Services is our innovative, industry-leading Consumer-Directed Benefits platform, delivering unrivaled plan flexibility and an outstanding client experience. WageWorks manages and maintains the entire retiree services experience, from implementation and enrollment to account recordkeeping and claims processing.

WageWorks Retiree Services can be fully integrated with:

  • Member pay group health insurance enabled by best-in-class direct billing and HRA services
  • Individual retiree health insurance enabled by Medicare coordination and HRA services
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Notional or Funded Retiree Medical HRA Accounts
  • Premium Reimbursement Accounts

With WageWorks Retiree Services, you can:

  • Modify post-employment healthcare strategies while managing reputational risk
  • Reduce FAS or GASB liabilities while keeping promises to current and future retirees
  • Continue post-employment benefits programs to attract and retain top talent
  •  Leverage post-MMA benefit options to limit or eliminate administrative involvement

WageWorks Retiree Services: The WageWorks Advantage

WageWorks Platform

  • Employers enjoy streamlined processes that simplify life for employers and participants, and preserve the flexibility they demand.


WageWorks Mobile Platform

  • Empowers participants to access and manage their plans from the palm of their hands using a robust, user-friendly mobile platform

WageWorks Website

  • Employees and employers use a single, secure and powerful online portal for managing every facet of their accounts and programs

WageWorks® Healthcare Card

  • Proprietary, multi-wallet healthcare Card handles all of the complicated back-end payment logic
  • No matter how many plans you associate with the card, your participants will enjoy the same swipe-and-go convenience