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WageWorks Health Savings Accounts

{Give your employees the best possible
benefits at the best possible cost}

There's a simpler way to keep your company healthy

HSAs for Employers: Supporting the total health of your employees and your business.

You want to give your employees the best possible benefits at the best possible cost. When you’re looking at health savings accounts, there are three key things to consider:

  • First comes adoption, getting people to sign up for their HSA.
  • Second, simplify the spending experience.
  • And third, encourage people to save.

WageWorks not only helps you get there, our HSA supports the total health of your employees and your business. Your employees get simple, clear ways to save and pay for rising healthcare costs—today and in the future—improving their physical health, their short- and long-term financial health, and their peace of mind.

At the same time, you get an easy-to-administer program that fits your policies and priorities—driving engagement up and costs down. So you spend less time managing the program and enjoy a company-wide productivity boost from an engaged workforce.

WageWorks launches new enhancements to our HSA product that improve the participant experience. Read more  »

WageWorks Health Savings Account

If you have a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), an HSA is the right way for your employees to save money on healthcare expenses now, and a flexible way to invest in their retirement.

Your company saves money with an HSA plan

Employees who have HSAs are typically more cost-conscious consumers who have lower healthcare costs, which can mean lower healthcare premiums for your company. And employee contributions to HSAs help reduce payroll taxes

Your employees save money with an HSA plan

With an HSA, your employees save pre-tax dollars to spend on eligible healthcare expenses. Employees also earn interest for balances over $1000. It combines the best of saving and spending - like a 401(k) for healthcare with low fees, competitive interest rates and investment options.

Expert advice

Learn more about
HSA Plans

WageWorks not only helps you get there, but we also bring your employees the innovative options they demand without the time-consuming administrative burdens that often accompany these types of plans. In the end, it’s easier and often more affordable to offer a better program.

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HSA 401k retirement

Healthcare and Retirement

How HSAs and 401(k)s complement
each other

Contribute, contribute, contribute. Sounds easy, but it's daunting to determine where and how much to contribute pre-tax funds. HSAs and 401ks are two popular investment options, but how do they complement each other? Download to learn the right approach to saving for retirement while putting money aside medical costs.

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Myths HSA

HSA Myths Busted

The S stands for Savings and Spending
HSAs are the fastest-growing segment in the consumer-directed benefits industry, with assets exceeding $50 billion. But, there are still misconceptions that HSAs act as roadblocks to maximizing health plans. In this article, we bust these myths!

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The more, the healthier

Increasing adoption of your high-deductible health plans is critical to the overall health of your HSA program, and WageWorks’ strategies for doing so have been shaped and sharpened by years spent with companies like yours. Simply put, we get people on board because:

Our best practices drive enrollment. Offer the best benefits to your employees to stay healthy.

Our education programs drive engagement for spenders, savers or those just getting started

And our turnkey communication materials save you time by taking work off your desk

Why WageWorks?

We take the work out of saving and spending, with...

Drastically reduced fees - in most cases, they’re $0.

Employees self-administer their own account and WageWorks manages all the data. Integrated debit cards and convenient account management tools such as electronic bill pay and cash reimbursement give power back to your employees.

One platform and one card

For your Consumer-Directed Benefits healthcare accounts. A WageWorks HSA is a completely integrated spending account solution on a single platform. Your benefits department and employees have a comprehensive, 360-degree view of HSA account activity, investment growth, and vision-and-dental-FSA.

Insider Insight

We help craft the legislation that shapes where your benefits are headed. We know what’s coming next.

Maximum Flexibility and Choice

HSAs work best when your employees have a variety of investment options from which to choose. A WageWorks HSA offers multiple and flexible investment options and partners and is built on a state-of-the-art technology platform that provides a variety of options, including plan design, and how individual participants pay and are reimbursed for eligible expenses.

How it benefits your employees.

The simpler it is for employees to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare, the fewer questions and complaints you’ll hear. WageWorks makes this possible by providing:

One Spending Card.

Cover their HSA, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and all their Consumer-Directed Benefits with one card.

Mobile App to Manage Everything.

WageWorks’ EZ Receipts® app manages receipts, payments, savings and every aspect of their account.

No Bank-Style Fees.

If you charge employees for using the program you want them to use, they won’t use it. So we don’t, and we won’t.

Investing is easy, too.

Health Savings Accounts can be invested. With a balance of $1,000, your employees invest their HSA balance - while continuing to using it for healthcare expenses.

  • No minimum investment accounts
  • No additional trading fees
  • Unbiased investment options